God did not intend for us to operate under conditions of stress and unrest. In fact, when Jesus took on the curse of our sin, He also took on the curse of stress, that we might receive His rest. Don't believe the lie that everything in life depends on you. You are not a machine.

Marilyn knows firsthand how meditating on God's Word can change lives. In this first of 4 new books, she presents 30 biblical mediations on the importance of rest. Rest begins in our minds as we rest in His love and in His Word. You will receive short yet powerful scriptures and meditations on:
Rest and Seeking
Rest from Your Work
Rest from Worry
Rest When You Need Faith
Rest in the Joy of the Lord
Rest in Challenging Times
and many more...

You will also learn about the who, what, when, where and how of meditating on the Word that will help you walk out your supernatural scripture study on rest. Also included-tear-Away Scripture Cards in the back of the book.


30 Meditations on Rest book

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