For the amazing sale price of $22.00 we will send you...Marilyn's Enjoy Life book. Reading it is like having a candid conversation with a much-loved friend about relationships, work, and the everyday challenges of life. Through this book, you will find new and exciting ways of how to really ENJOY the life that God has given you! We will also send you Marilyn's 3-CD teaching series, Redeem Your Dream, This set includes five fresh teachings which offer you practical insights and biblical secrets to perceiving, receiving and acting on spiritual dreams and God-given vision. We'll also include Sarah's classic book 9 Secrets to Spiritually Successful People. Learn about the most spiritually successful man Who ever walked the planet. Jesus. This one-of-a-kind study can put you “over the top” and set you apart from the crowd as a joyful, prosperous, and successful Christian.

Summer Sale - Pack 1

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