Receive the full Seeing Jesus teaching set.

Get the complete Seeing Jesus teaching set for your gift of $175 or more. Receive all 7 of the Seeing Jesus Bible Encounter Series Workbooks, and the Seeing Jesus Study Guide in one complete set along with our all new Seeing Jesus heat sensitive, heat transforming, thermal coffee mug. This unique mug is solid black when cold, but any hot beverage reveals the names of every book of the Bible and the words, "Seeing Jesus."

In the 500 plus page Study Guide see how the Old Testament was written to prepare the way for the Redeemer and how the purpose of the New Testament was to prepare the people to receive the Redeemer.

Through the workbooks, go in-depth into each book of the Bible...see Jesus as the Seed in the Restorer and Rebuilder in the Sanctifier in First Corinthians and the King of Kings in Revelation.

Seeing Jesus - Super Pack 1

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