Start your day with Seeing Jesus!

Start your daily quiet time with something warm to drink in the Seeing Jesus heat- transforming, thermal coffee mug. This unique mug is solid black when cold, but any hot beverage reveals the names of every book of the Bible and the words, "Seeing Jesus."

Meditate on the goodness of God with the Seeing Jesus Devotional. This encouraging and transformative 365-day devotional will give you the faith-building glimpse of Jesus every day of the week. Each passage reveals wonderful truths about Jesus, our Redeemer, and what He wants to do and be in your life.

Dig deeper into the Word with the Seeing Jesus Bible. See Jesus in every book of the Bible with teaching notes from Marilyn. Revolutionize your study and enjoyment of the Bible and create a fresh hunger and passion to spend time in God%u2019s Word and see its power released in every area of your life.

All for your gift of $125 or more.

Seeing Jesus Devotional Pack

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