A Hands-on Guide for Meaningful Conversations with God.

Hey, God: Can We Talk? is a practical book designed to transform your conversations with God from distant and religious into meaningful and authentic dialogues. Deeply rooted in Scripture, this book gives hands-on tools for interacting with God through the everyday stuff of life. Each chapter contains "Conversation Starters" - simple biblical application and a roadmap for dialogue - to jumpstart your talks with God.

As a respected pastor and Bible teacher, Sarah Bowling provides relevant Scriptural examples and relatable stories to make communicating with God more accessible for everyone.

Experience life-changing encounters with God through any circumstance, including...
• When you want to go deeper in connecting with God
• When you royally mess up
• When you reach a fork in the road
• When the future looks bleak
• When your life is a total meltdown
• When your plans change
• When your emotions are raw

Regardless of your background, experiences, or training, the tools in this book will empower you to have deeper and more intimate conversations with God.

Hey God, Can We Talk? Book

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