Volume 4 - Prophets: Isaiah to Malachi
This is truly the next step in discovering the treasures of God's Word.

Volume 4 covers Isaiah to Malachi
Isaiah: Stricken Messiah
Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet
Ezekiel: God Almighty
Daniel: Fourth Man in the Fire
Hosea: Faithful Husband
Joel: Restoration
Amos: Plumb Line
Obadiah: Deliverer/Mountain Top
Jonah: Messenger Missionary
Micah: Everlasting Ruler
Nahum: Avenger
Habakkuk: Vision, Hope
Zephaniah: Savior
Haggai: Strength
Zechariah: Fountain of Cleansing
Malachi: Healer

Discover Jesus in every book of the Bible. Volume 4 of this incredible new series of workbooks, combined with our Seeing Jesus Study Guide, will provide a full picture of Jesus that we can see from Genesis to Revelation.

Included in each workbook is exclusive DVD teaching content by Marilyn, specifically produced for the workbooks, and a complete Leader's Guide for group discussions.

Seeing Jesus Workbook - Volume 4

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