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Consider the impossible to be possible.

Are you challenged in your health, finances, or family? For your gift of $25 dollars or more we will send you Sarah's inspired message New Beginnings. This anointed CD will fill you with renewed hope that your future can be different...regardless of your past.

We'll also send you Sarah's booklet First Steps and our Spiritual Life Scripture card. Both of these resources will enhance your walk with the Lord as you journey through life with Jesus. And from Marilyn and Sarah, their two CD teaching set A New You. God wants to introduce you to an amazing person - You. This new person is righteous; walks daily in God's favor; is full of peace and power; has a royal heritage and birthright; and is supernaturally blessed in order to be a blessing. A New You will open your eyes to the reality of who you became when you were miraculously born again. Learn to release the person of peace, power, prosperity, and purpose that you were reborn to be.

Catch sight of the new direction a powerful sense of purpose God has for you.

New Direction Pack

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