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Dr. Robert DeMaria has been providing and championing alternative health solutions to thousands of patients globally for over thirty years. In Dr. Bob's latest book Men's Health - The Basics, you will learn how to stop heart disease, cancer proof your life and live pain free and much more! Along with Dr. Bob's book you will receive Marilyn and Sarah's 2-CD teaching Maximize Your Day...God's Way. These exciting CDs feature a full week of Today with Marilyn and Sarah on how to make Jesus your first priority as you set goals and plan your daily activities. You'll learn how to become happy and productive for God in the midst of a hectic life full of distractions and "To-Do" lists. Receive Dr. Bob's Men's Health-The Basic Book and Marilyn and Sarah's Maximize Your Day...God's Way for a gift of $39 or more.

Dr. Bob DeMaria - Special Men's Health Pack

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