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Do you need help managing your money? Do you want your money to make a difference?

For your gift of $35 or more we will send you Money Mastery by Billy Epperhart. Matthew 6:24 says, %u201CYou cannot serve both God and money.%u201D Money Mastery offers a spiritual and practical guide to becoming the master of your own money, not a slave to it. Learn how to build wealth%u2014not for wealth%u2019s sake%u2014but for the freedom and ability to positively impact your city and the nation.

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah%u2019s CD teaching Provision for your Vision. Learn how, even in the midst of what looks to be a financial crisis, God will always provide a way for you. Break the financial curse and walk in total financial freedom.

We will also send the Provision Scripture card. Meditate on the blessings found in God%u2019s Word for your financial and spiritual success.

Money Mastery Pack

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