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You can access the presence and power of Jesus.

What does it look like to have a personal relationship with Jesus?
Prepare to experience Jesus Christ at a whole new dimension-through the person, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit.

For your gift today, we will send you Michael Koulianos's landmark book, Holy Spirit, The One Who Makes Jesus Real.

Through this revolutionary teaching you will learn to:
• Walk in the supernatural anointing of Jesus
• Access the presence and power of Jesus
• Rediscover the person of Jesus

We will also include Marilyn's Seeing Jesus CD, Sarah's Praying with Holy Spirit DVD and Jesus is God's Selfie booklet.

For your gift of $120 dollars or more, we will include the Names of Jesus Afghan printed with the names and attributes of Christ.

Walk in the joy of a personal, dynamic, and supernatural relationship with the Son of God.

Holy Spirit - Pack 2

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