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Put the assurance of the answer in your heart!

Do you want help with practical ways to grow your faith? Do you desire to put your faith into action?

For your best gift today, we will send you Believe Big, Marilyn's complete guide to faith. Through this comprehensive guide you will learn:
- How to recognize God-type faith from other types of faith
- What the biggest enemy of faith is and how to deal with it
- How the words you speak are the switch that turns on the answers to your prayers
- How faith in action transforms a natural life into a supernatural one.

For your gift of $100 dollars or more, we will send you our Healing Prayer Shawl. This shawl, direct from Israel, will encourage your faith and draw you closer to the Father as you read and meditate on the Word.

Put your faith into action and live a powerful, miraculous life that pleases God.

Believe Big - Pack 2

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