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Sink your teeth into the Word of God and hang on!

Are you equipped to hold on and never let go? The happiest Christians are overcomers who sink their teeth into the Word of God and hang on, rain or shine, sink or swim - until they win! We want to send you Marilyn's highly requested booklet, Bulldog Faith. In this timeless teaching, Marilyn will show you how bulldog faith can help you put the bite on the devil and watch him run.

For your gift of $25 dollars or more we will also send you Marilyn's WOW Faith book. Childlike faith will change your life, make you prosperous, and bring you health and victory. If you are tired of complicated and confusing approaches to faith that never seem to make a difference, then this book is for you.

Learn how to return to the simple, childlike faith that always pleases God and opens the windows of heaven. And we will also send you our easy reference faith scripture card.

Get all these resources today!

Faith Ministry Pack

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