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Learn how to break through the betrayal barrier.

Have you ever prayed for something very specific...a friend to be healed...a marriage to be restored...a financial breakthrough...and it didn't work out as you hoped? How did you feel? Did you feel as though God had betrayed you? For your gift of $19 dollars or more we will send you Marilyn's teaching CD Breaking the Betrayal Barrier. In this powerful message, you will learn how to break through that betrayal barrier that stands between you and God, so that you can come into the highest level of faith and blessing.

We will also send you Sarah's booklet Start Forgiving - Start Living. Learn a skill that will revolutionize your whole life. Forgiveness - it's universal, timeless, and essential for successful daily living. Join Sarah as she walks you through how to become a proficient forgiver!

We'll send you both of these life changing resources for your gift of $19 dollars or more.

Breaking the Betrayal Barrier Pack

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