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Does your life need a firm foundation?

A strong foundation is key to confirming your calling and preparing you to fulfill it. For your gift of $35 or more, you will receive Volume Two of the Mentored by Marilyn series: Strengthening Your Foundation. Through this anointed, interactive journal and seven-CD set, you will be mentored by Marilyn in strategic areas that will take you to the next level of victory and fulfillment in your life and ministry. You will be blessed by messages like:
- Hearing God's Voice
- Fourth Dimension Living
- Maximize Your Day God's Way
- Squeezing God's Word
- Eight Ways to Heal the Sick
- Plus 3 more...

We will also send you Marilyn's two-CD teaching, Discovering the Will of God. What if you could know God's will in every situation? How would your life be different? In this powerful teaching, Marilyn will show you how God reveals His best plans to us and how we can walk confidently through any challenge.

And to complete this amazing offer, we will include the God's Will Scripture Card.

Mentored By Marilyn - Volume 2 - TV Pack

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