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Learn about your God-given destiny through discovering the callings of God in your life. All of us are born with unique gifts and abilities, but sometimes it is difficult to know what our calling is because we are clouded with everyday worries and concerns. Today's offers will help you look beyond distractions to fulfill your God-given destiny!

For your gift of $25 or more you'll receive the life-changing book, Unfinished, by Steven K. Scott. Gain insight on the four callings of God. Learn how to achieve intimacy with God, accelerate your personal growth, empower other believers, and impact the lives of nonbelievers. Discover how you can prioritize your time to accomplish all that God has put in your heart.

You'll also receive Marilyn's Discover Your Destiny CD that will lead you on the path to finding your life's purpose. If you've ever wondered what the next step is, or whether you're on the right path, this resource will help you become more sensitive to the voice of God and move forward in confidence!

Unfinished Destiny Pack

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