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Did you know that God wants you healed not only physically but spiritually? So many Christians live unhappy lives due to sickness and aliments that seem to linger. God wants to heal, restore and deliver you from sickness and strongholds.

For a gift of $30 or more, you will be blessed by three amazing resources that will teach you how to experience healing through the power of the Word. There is no question that our Lord expects His people to live in the realm of the supernatural.

Broken Be Made Whole is a life-changing study guide containing 13 powerful topic driven chapters, scripture references, and reflection questions on healing that will guide you on your path to physical and spiritual health.

We will also send you Marilyn's 2 CD set, Total Healing, which offers tips to living in divine health and bringing healing to others. And we'll include Marilyn and Sarah's latest book, 30 Meditations on Healing. Explore the power of the scriptures and learn how to effectively apply them to your life!

Perfect Healing Pack

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