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Are past hurts and rejection having a negative affect on your significant relationships? There is hope, thanks to Joan Hunter's new book, Love Again, Live Again.

For your gift of $39 or more, we will send you this life-changing resource. Everyone gets their feelings hurt. As these wounds fester and compound over the years, they become scars that affect our current relationships. In this book, Joan reveals how to heal your heart from past hurts and be set free from the trauma of past relationships.

We will also send you Marilyn's two-CD teaching, Whole Hearted: Keys for Emotional Healing and Prosperity for your Soul, where you will learn the steps to take to find freedom from pain, grief, sorrow, and a broken heart.

And to complete this offer, we will include Marilyn's CD teaching Grace to Forgive-Freedom through the Cross. Christ has given you everything you need to forgive the most unforgivable people.

In this teaching, Marilyn walks you through this amazing revelation of forgiveness through the crucifixion.

Restore your heart and regain your health!

Love Again, Live Again Pack

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