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Jesus dwelt among us to show us how to live freely and abundantly according to His word. Today we have the living Word to direct and guide us daily. Do you long for a deeper spiritual life? The Word has everything you need to succeed and achieve breakthrough in every area of your life. For a gift of $25 or more you'll receive Marilyn's CD teaching The Place of Success. Discover how you can create a life of fulfillment through the Word of God. Use the power of the Word to cleanse your soul, create miracles in your life, and find healing for your body and emotions. You'll also receive God's Promises for Your Every Need by Jack Countryman. Wrapped in a lovely, leather bound cover, this powerful book is full of promises that will help you overcome life's challenges. This resource topically arranges specific scriptures to offer you hope and encouragement during difficult seasons. Discover the healing power that lies in the word.

The Place of Success Pack

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