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Cultivate a relationship with Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is a very real part of the Godhead, and desires to be in relationship with us.

For your best gift today, we will send you Sarah's new book, Your Friendship with Holy Spirit.

In this interactive guide, Sarah sets you up for deep personal interaction and encounter with Holy Spirit Himself. This guide will help you develop:
• An understanding of Holy Spirit's character and duties
• A desire to know Holy Spirit more%u2014and
• Strategies to cultivate relationship with Holy Spirit on a daily basis

We will also send you Sarah's Holy Spirit Upgrade CD-teaching and her In Step with the Spirit book.

For your gift of $60 dollars or more, we will include the NLT Daily Bible. This Bible will help you cultivate consistent time in the Word, which will strengthen and guide you in your relationship with Holy Spirit

Your Friendship with Holy Spirit - Pack 2

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