Do you have questions about sex, singleness and marriage?

Are you postponing or rejecting marriage?

Can you sleep together as singles and say you're committed Christians?

Is marriage between a man and woman only?

For your gift of $25 dollars or more, we will send you Sex, Singleness, & Marriage. In this straight-forward teaching CD, Marilyn shares what God's Word says and offers the truth you need to hear. We'll also send you Marilyn's God's Plan for Your Family and Home. This study guide leads you through 15 lessons on parenthood, making the most of your money, setting an atmosphere of faith in your home, breaking family curses and much more. God has good things for you and your family and this resource will help you walk through His master plan for you and your loved ones.

We will also send you our Marriage scripture card filled with scriptures to bless the covenant relationship with your spouse.

Don't struggle through the challenges of marriage and family by yourself. Strengthen your life, family and home with this great resource.

Marriage Ministry Pack

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