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Raising children in today's world is more challenging than ever! Fighting the outside influences on their impressionable minds is a fulltime battle. Our kids are told it's ok to say whatever they want - whether it's Godly or not. We have a resource to help you through this struggle.

For your gift of $20 dollars or more we will send you Deborah Pegues book Taming Your Kids Tongue. From it you will learn valuable insights for how to help your children and grandchildren learn what, when, and how to say what's on their minds.

This book includes important lessons like:
- Speaking respectfully to an adult.
- Expressing anger appropriately.
- Understanding the difference between tattling and telling.
- And most importantly.
- Talking to God.

We will also send you Marilyn's Confession for your Kids CD where she speaks powerful promises from God's Word over your children. We'll also include the Children Who Hit the Mark booklet which will arm you with God's unchanging Word for every circumstance you encounter and our Promises To Pray Over Your Kid's scripture card.

Taming Your Kids Tongue Pack

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