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Are you ready to step out in faith, fulfill your divine destiny, and leave your mark on history?

For your gift of $39 or more, we will send you Arise by Patricia King and Larry Sparks.

In this compelling book you will learn how to:
  • Understand and operate in the powerful Kingdom authority that God restored through Jesus.
  • Rediscover your dreams, visions, gifts, and career ambitions.
  • Receive mantles and swords from the heavenly realm to fulfill your unique divine assignments.
  • Release your prophetic voice and participate in an advancing supernatural revolution.
  • And much more...

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's three-CD teaching, Redeem Your Dream. Receive Heaven's vision for your life of purpose, power, and blessing.

Also included is Sarah's booklet, Your Purpose. Get from where you are to the special place God has for you.

And to complete this great offer, we will send you Marilyn's booklet, Hold on to Your Dream. Learn how to discern a God-given dream and witness its final destiny.

Arise by Patricia King Pack

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