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What do you do when your solid foundation begins to shake?

Are you questioning what you believe? Do you need confidence to share your faith with others? That%u2019s what happened to Lisa Brockman, a sixth-generation Mormon.

For your best gift today, we will send you Out of Zion, the story of Lisa%u2019s journey to discover Jesus and the key conversations that led her from the faith of her ancestors to her conversion to Christianity. As you follow the evolution of Lisa%u2019s faith, you will be challenged to defend what you believe, and ultimately learn to share the gospel more effectively with others.

We will also send you our Whole Hearted CD-teaching, Transformed for Triumph booklet, and Soul Prosperity Scripture Card.

For your gift of $59 dollars or more, we will send you our beautiful Pearl Bracelet. Let this exquisite piece with five shell pearls and crystal spacers constantly remind you of God%u2019s amazing grace. Be bold with your faith.

Out of Zion with Lisa Brockman - Pack 2

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