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Confidentially walk the runway of life.

What keeps you from walking out your true purpose and designed destiny? Is it guilt? Shame? Self-doubt? Don't let those lies stand in the way of God's grand plan for you.

For your gift today, we will send you Pasion for Fashion by Jean Metcalf. In this beautiful, Scripture-filled book, you will be encouraged that you are more than good looks and fancy clothes, and that God created you to live with significance, purpose, and joy.

To further edify your soul, we will send you Marilyn's Beauty for Ashes CD-teaching, Renew Your Mind booklet, and Sarah's Transformed for Triumph booklet.

For your gift of $100 dollars or more, we will also include the Star of David Cross Necklace. This beautiful, gold-plated necklace is a perfect reminder to celebrate and honor the Jewish roots of our faith.

Learn and grow knowing our outside shines based on what we have on the inside, and confidently walk the runway of life.

Passion for Fashion - Pack 2

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