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What is grace really all about?

What is grace really all about? Is it just wishful thinking or can it truly renew people's lives? Can God's grace renew your earthly relationships and revolutionize your eternity?

For your gift of $29 dollars or more we want to send you The Case for Grace by award-winning writer Lee Strobel. Explore the depths of God's redeeming love in this compelling, easy-to-read book where you will explore never-before-told details from the author's journey from atheism to Christianity.

Drawing upon the inspiring stories of everyday and extraordinary people, Strobel uses his unique storytelling ability to present a personal yet practical look at how God's grace can revolutionize your eternity and relationships.

We will also send you Marilyn's Grace giving CD which will teach you how combine Grace and giving and receive spiritual power for your greatest needs. To complete this valuable resource, we'll include our Grace Scripture card for easy reference to the promises of grace found in God's Word.

The Case for Grace - Pack 1

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