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Discover the transformational power of the blood.

Often, as Christians we only think of Jesus's blood as the agent that cleansed sin from our lives. But His shed blood has accomplished far more.

For your gift of $25 or more we will send you Marilyn and Sarah's new 2 CD set The Power of the Blood. This set, which includes five anointed teachings, will open your eyes to the spiritual realities we can enjoy because of the shed blood of Jesus, our Great Physician.

We will also send you Sarah's booklet, Transformed for Triumph. We often lose sight of the fact that Jesus's suffering on the cross provided life-changing transformation that we can tap into every day. In this booklet, Sarah shares historical insight, biblical examples, and personal revelation about the brutal, yet awe inspiring, work of Jesus's death on the cross.

Discover and enjoy the full benefits available to energize your daily life through the transformational power of the blood.

The Blood Covenant Pack

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