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Would you like to be mentored by Marilyn?

For your gift of $35 dollars or more, we will send you Marilyn's Mentored by Marilyn Volume 1: Knowing Your Identity interactive journal and five-CD teaching set. Through this first anointed volume, you will be mentored in strategic areas that will take you to the next level of victory and fulfillment in your life and ministry. This foundational volume contains specific content on knowing your identity in Christ, confirming your calling, and preparing you to fulfill it.

We will also send you Marilyn's CD teaching, Discover Your Destiny. This teaching will encourage you to walk in the Lord's plan and destiny that is yours - that only you can fulfill. It will also help you to know the Lord's plan for your family.

Learn to live in the miraculous! Enjoy this incredible opportunity to be personally mentored by Marilyn, and learn as you apply the teachings from this resource to the areas in your life where you desire more of God.

Mentored by Marilyn You are His Beloved Pack

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