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Be empowered to find joy, freedom and peace as you let go of your desire to avenge the wrong.

Have you ever held a grudge? Why is forgiveness so hard? People who refuse to forgive often sabotage their future and create an emotional cancer that spreads into every aspect of their lives. For your gift today of $30 dollars or more we will send you a revolutionary book that helps you learn to forgive.

Forgive, Let Go, and Live by Deborah Pegues is a must-read guide providing specific steps to help you better understand:
-- what forgiveness is and what it's not
-- how it's possible to forgive without forgetting
-- why learning how to forgive is a process
-- and much more

We will also send you Sarah's Start Forgiving and Start Living booklet which will teaches you how to revolutionize your whole life through becoming a proficient forgiver. And we'll send you Marilyn and Sarah's 2 CD teaching Let it Go that will lead you to freedom from rejection, depression, stress, and much more.

It is possible to overcome seemingly unforgivable hurts!

Let It Go Pack

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