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Emotional bondage is one of the most painful, damaging, and discouraging afflictions people face - it is also the most common. So many people live a life filled with bitterness, rejection, and hopelessness - but this is not the life God created for us to live. Let these resources help you release the unhealthy emotional baggage weighing you down.

For your gift of $40 or more we'll send you Marilyn and Sarah's new 2 CD teaching Let It Go where you will learn how to get freedom from rejection, depression, stress, and much more. These four messages will encourage you and help you regain control of you negative emotions and take back your joy. We'll also send you Marilyn's Enjoy Life book where you can explore why God wants to enjoy life - and how to do so. And God's Promises for Your Every Need filled with topically organized scriptures to help you face every situation with God's Word. We'll also send our new Emotions scripture card that will surely bless you!

Freedom from unhealthy emotions can be yours.

Emotions Pack

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