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Do you need help choosing the right path?

Even smart people can make dumb choices.

For your gift of $29 dollars or more, we will send you Deborah Pegues book Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices. This book highlights real-life dumb choices of ordinary people and biblical characters, explores ten emotions that drive such choices, and reveals seven secrets for making great decisions. You'll discover the keys that will keep you on the road to:
- Embracing the right relationships.
- Gathering the right information.
- Establishing clear objectives.
- Thinking outside the box.
- Choosing the right path.

We'll also send you Sarah's CD New Beginnings. Sarah's inspired message will fill you with a renewed hope that your future can be different - regardless of your past.

And to complement this great resource, we'll include Marilyn and Sarah's two-CD set A New Hope. These inspirational messages will show you how to reverse the generational curses the enemy has planted in your life.

We'll also include the Spiritual Life scripture card for quick reference and encouragement.

Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices

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