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Rest and be blessed in the knowledge that Jesus is your Door!

Do you have areas in your life where you need an open door? Or times when you need discernment from God for the closed doors where you see no way out?

We will send you Sarah's new DVD-teaching, The Doorkeeper. This powerful teaching will help you recognize the open and closed doors God has supernaturally placed in our lives. See how Jesus guides each of us as we navigate these doors and experience greater intimacy, peace, and protection from him.

We will also send you Sarah's DVD teaching, Hope for the Future, and her book, Hanging by a Thread.

For your gift of $79 dollars or more, we'll send you the Seeing Jesus Bible. Revolutionize your study and enjoyment of the Bible, and create a fresh hunger and passion to spend time in God's Word.

Open/Closed Doors - Pack 2

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