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Are you ready to be activated?

For your gift of $29 or more, we will send you Translating God, Hearing God's Voice for Yourself and the World Around You by internationally known prophet Shawn Bolz. From royalty to people on the streets, Shawn Bolz shares everything he has learned about the prophetic in a way that is totally unique and refreshing.

In this book, you will read about Shawn's successes and failures and be inspired and equipped to: %u2022 learn how to hear God for yourself and others
%u2022 grow through simple focus steps
%u2022 take great risks
%u2022 stay accountable
%u2022 love people well
%u2022 grow in intimacy with the Lord

Shawn believes when we combine our love of prophecy and people, we reshape hearts with heaven!

We will also send you Marilyn's 2 CD teaching set, Hearing God's Voice. This teaching will help you distinguish God's voice from your inner voice, the enemy's voice, and the voice of the world.

Translating God Pack

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