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Learn how Marilyn achieved the unimaginable.

Through her 60 years of ministry, Marilyn has created a lasting legacy of faith and continued to fulfill her ongoing mission of covering the earth with the Word. Marilyn is considered to be a trailblazer of worldwide missions. Learn how God has helped her achieve the unimaginable. For your gift of $45 dollar's or more we want to send you Legacy of Faith. In this candid, upfront reflection on her life, you will find powerful truths from the Word and see how the Hand of God has guided her every step.

We will also send you her Aging Gracefully book featuring her top 10 health secrets along with her Pathway to Miracles 3 CD teaching set which includes 4 powerful messages that will help you live a miraculous life full of God's favor.

For your gift of $1,000 dollars or more we will send you these three products along with our Names of God Afghan and the solar powered spinning globe. These two lovely gifts will remind you how you are helping Marilyn cover the earth with the Word.

Legacy of Faith - Pack 2

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