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Become an overcomer with bulldog faith.

The happiest Christians are overcomers who have bulldog faith, sink their teeth into the Word of God, and hang on.

As a special offer today, we want to send you Marilyn's booklet Bulldog Faith to you for FREE. In this timeless teaching, Marilyn will show you how bulldog faith can help you put the bite on the devil and watch him run.

For a gift of $25 dollars or more, we will also send you Marilyn's book WOW Faith. Faith is not complicated. God-pleasing faith is simple faith without all the extras, additives, and options we often add. If you are tired of complicated and confusing approaches to faith that never seem to make a difference in your life, this book is for you.

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's two-CD teaching Daring Faith. In this four-message teaching, you will be challenged and encouraged to live a life of daring faith. Even when everything else points toward doubt, God moves through our faith to bring His provision into our lives.

Bulldog Faith Pack

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