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Can you know the secrets of God?

You can, and you can use that knowledge to transform the world around you!

For your gift of $39 or more, we will send you Shawn Bolz book, God Secrets, a life filled with words of knowledge. God's secrets are shared through words of knowledge, one of His most misunderstood revelatory gifts. Journey with Shawn as he lays out this gift in a relatable way, and gain a fresh perspective on God's direction for your business, household, and worldview.

With your gift, we will also send you Marilyn's Get Wisdom Journal. God knows the big picture for our lives. He knows what situations we are dealing with, and He knows how to fix them. Through this journal you will learn how to get wisdom for every area of your life.

We will also include our Hearing God's Voice Scripture Card to encourage you with the Word.

Discover God's will and secrets for your life, and change the world around you.

God Secrets Pack

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