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Be inspired and encouraged by the life of Marilyn Hickey.

Marilyn Hickey has been in ministry for over 60 years and is regarded as one of the worldss foremost Bible teachers by government and Christian leaders around the globe.

For your best gift today, we will send you Marilyn's new autobiography, Itss Not Over Until You Win, My lifetime of experiencing the miracles of God. In this inspiring book, Marilyn shares about her eventful, and still-ongoing journey of life which made her a witness to many of the most significant and world-changing spiritual events of the last 60 years.

We will also send you the DVD A Legacy of Faith. In this candid interview from her home, Marilyn recounts how the hand of God has guided her life and ministry and led her to faithfully cover the earth with the Word.

For your gift of $100 dollars or more, we will send you an additional copy of Marilyn's autobiography personally signed by Marilyn!

Be inspired and encouraged by the life of Marilyn Hickey through these powerful resources and share one of your copies with a friend or loved one.

Get yours today!

Autobiography Interview - Pack 2

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