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Jesus has something for every one.

Whether you need physical or emotional healing, financial breakthrough, victory in a relationship, or you want to grow stronger in your relationship with Him, Jesus, through His unwavering compassion, has something specifically for YOU!

We want to send you some great resources to edify your walk with the Lord. For your best gift of $29 today, we will send you Sarah's Your Purpose DVD and her Jesus is God's Selfie booklet. We will also include the God's Promises for Your Every Need book and our Healing Scripture Card.

And for your gift of $65 dollars or more, we will include the NLT Daily Bible. This soft leather-like Bible has been specially designed to help anyone read the Bible in one year while having a reading experience unlike with any Bible before. Organized by the calendar day as well as the traditional ordering of the books, you will know exactly how much reading to do every day to read through the Bible in one year.

Get this empowering resource, today!

Something for Every One - Pack 2

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