Change your life, and find success and happiness.

Are you discouraged or overwhelmed with the daily struggles life brings? Do you wonder what your purpose or value is?

For your gift of $25 dollars or more we want to send you the book Winning the Game of Life. Inspired by the story of Chantell Cooley and her family, the founders of Columbia Southern University, this highly motivational book challenges you to persevere through life's obstacles, change your life, and find success and happiness.

We also want to send you Marilyn's Discover Your Value and The Place of Success CD teachings. Every born-again child of God hungers to know they have a role to play in God's grand plan and that their dreams of a better life can be fulfilled. You can cleanse your soul, find healing, and create miracles in your life through the Word of God.

Know that you are treasured by God and he has deposited a treasure within you. Be inspired...and win the game of life! Call or click today for this valuable life-changing resource.

Winning the Game of Life Pack

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