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What could God do through you%u2014for the least of these%u2014if you are willing to charge onto the battlefield with Him?

Sarah's discovery of two abandoned Ethiopian babies and an orphanage's refusal to care for them, led to the founding of Saving Moses, a one-of-a-kind international aid organization to care for the most vulnerable of all%u2014babies%u2014in some of the most deplorable and hostile environments.

For your best gift today, we will send you Hanging by a Thread, the story of Sarah's journey and the birth of this life-saving mission.

And to foster your God-given purpose, we will also send you Sarah's Your Purpose DVD, Marilyn's Discover your Value CD, and our Purpose Scripture Card.

And for your gift of $49 dollars or more, we will send you a second copy of Hanging by a Thread, signed by Sarah to share with a friend or loved one. This book is an encouragement for all to step out by faith into the void and pain they see around them, and watch God do the impossible.

Get this empowering resource, today!

Hanging By A Thread - Pack 2

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