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Learn simple practical ways to take hold of your God-given "power tools".

Don't get stuck at asking "What would Jesus do?" Be Equipped to do it. For your gift of $35 or more we will send you Do What Jesus Did. In this dangerous book by Chicagoland pastor Robby Dawkins, you'll learn simple practical ways to take hold of your God-given "power tools" - prophetic ministry, healing, ministering the presence of God, and deliverance from demonic power. And through amazing but true stories from the front lines of ministry, you'll see what happens when ordinary Christians harness God's superpower to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Along with this powerful book, we will send you Marilyn and Sarah's 2-CD set Miracles Are for You. Their prayer is that hearing His Word on miracles will encourage you to claim the miracles you are believing for. And we will send you Marilyn's Supernatural Strategy CD. This teaching will walk you through the Word of God and how to be successful.

It's time to embrace a powerful faith. It's time to do what Jesus did.

Do What Jesus Did Pack

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