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Learn about your spiritual authority.

We all face challenges. On any given day, the problems of real life can take our breath away. But the Bible says the war has already been won. So why do we still battle?

For your gift of $45 dollars or more, we will send you Havilah Cunnington's book Stronger than the Struggle. You will learn how to:
- Throw off misconceptions about spiritual warfare, and understand what Jesus said about our spiritual authority
- Ask the right questions and build a realistic battle plan to win one day at a time
- And much more

We will also send you Marilyn's book Spiritual Warfare. In this hard-hitting book, Marilyn shares through her own experiences how to successfully fight back using powerful spiritual weapons.

And to complete this great offer, we will send you Marilyn's Finishing Strong 2-CD teaching set. You will hear Marilyn's heart on getting priorities right and walking in the boldness God has called you to and living out that life with the Holy Spirit.

Stronger Than Your Struggle Pack

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