Learn how to take the first step and get out of the boat!

It wasn't just fate or luck that Peter walked on the water while the other apostles stayed on the boat. But why do some people experience miracles and others don't?

For your gift of $30 dollars or more we will send you How to Become a Water Walker by author and Bible teacher Andrew Wommack. In this book, Andrew shares many of the faith lessons he has learned from God's Word about walking in the miraculous.

We will also send you Marilyn's book WOW Faith. Many of us wrestle with faith issues every day; however, faith is not complicated. God designed faith to be so simple a child can understand it. Learn how to return to the simple childlike faith that always pleases God and opens the windows of heaven.

If you want to see miracles in your life, you have to get out of the boat. These two books along with our handy Faith Scripture Card will help you walk in the truth so you can have water walking faith too.

How to Become a Water Walker Pack

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