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It's Not Over Until You Win!

This year was one filled with challenges and uncertainty, but it was also a year of great opportunity. Through digital media, we expanded our reach more than we could have ever dreamed, and with Marilyn's visit to Bangladesh this February, we brought the Word to a new country.

We knew what we sowed and put into God's hand would be multiplied, and we believe that is true for you too. We have great and mighty plans for 2021, and with your help we will accomplish them.

We know if you sow your best gift here at the end of 2020, you will reap an amazing harvest in 2021. Seeds sown today will grow into the miraculous next year.

For your gift today, we will send you Marilyn's new 21-Day It's Not Over Until You Win devotional and coffee mug along with her faith-filled book, Believe Big.

And for your gift of $500 dollars or more, we will include the inspiring Mustard Seed Necklace and Bible.

Sow what's in your hand for an abundant harvest in 2021.

End of Year 2020 - Pack 2

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