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Have you ever needed to confront someone or a situation and didn't know how?

Are you lacking the tools to properly deal with difficult situations in your life? The Bible clearly states that we should confront others when we have conflict or misunderstandings. Life is too short to live in offense. For your gift of $29, we'll send you Deborah Pegues' book, Confronting Without Offending. This life changing book offers you practical steps to mend broken relationships and will help you grow on a personal level.

You will be challenged and become a better you as you discover:
- The proper words to use when confronting others, and when and how to confront.
- How personality types play into confrontation.
- How to restore harmony into every relationship at home and at work.

We'll also send you Marilyn and Sarah's Speak the Word booklet and Joy and Relationship scripture card. These powerful resources will help you on your journey to releasing offenses and forgiving others.

You will live a more fulfilling life and no longer be bound by negative emotions. Take advantage of these life-changing resources.

Confronting Without Offending Pack

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