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Fulfill the dreams God has planted in your heart

Don't wait any longer to chase after your God dreams. For your gift of $35 dollars or more, we will send you Eat, Pray, Hustle by Havilah Cunnington.

This 20-day Bible study is based on the life of Abraham. He had a dream deposited into him as a seed, and he did everything he could to help it grow. Through this study, you will uncover what a dream chaser looks like and expose the dream killers that knock you off the road to fulfilling the promised dreams God has planted in your heart.

We will also include Sarah's DVD teaching Your Purpose - Discover it, Develop it, Do it. Do you need answers about your God-given purpose? Through this powerful teaching, you will get from where you are to the special destiny God has planned for you.

And to complete this great offer, we will send you Marilyn's inspiring booklet, Hold on to you Dream. Don't be afraid to dream dreams that others call impossible.

Eat, Pray & Hustle Pack

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