You already possess one of your most powerful weapons over fear inside of you - FAITH! Through faith, any type of fear you may be struggling with can be resolved. Why? Because faith recognizes a dependency upon God and not on yourself.

When you trust in yourself rather than God, you realize your limitations. However, God has no limitations! He can accomplish anything!

Popular Bible teacher and author, Marilyn Hickey, explains that the opposite of fear is faith and that faith empowers you to be set free from fear. This powerful message will transform your thoughts, relieving them of fear and replacing them with complete trust in God.

This is accomplished by first identifying the different types of fear:
%u2022 Fear of failure
%u2022 Fear of the unknown
%u2022 Fear of the world
%u2022 Fear of death
%u2022 Fear of evil
%u2022 Fear of war
%u2022 Fear of evil tidings
%u2022 Fear of man

Be encouraged - you can have victory over all of these fears!

Since faith and fear are opposites, they cannot exist in the same place at the same time. Prepare to replace your fears with your faith and witness the transformation in your life! Now is the time to accomplish your personal triumph over fear forever!

Breaking Free From Fear Book

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