Get your faith propelled into God's kingdom and what He has for you!

This new CD and DVD combo resource will help you discover the simple secrets of using what's in your hand to bring multiplication into your life. God can do the amazing with what is in your hand when it gets into His hand.

In her 3-message DVD, Marilyn will walk you through example after example of God using what's in a hand to do the miraculous. Her examples come from both the Bible and her personal life. She'll show you how God uses the simple things that are already in your hand and multiplies them into the extraordinary.

In Sarah's CD teaching, she reveals the key to supernatural living: how to respond when you don't understand the move and activity of the Holy Spirit and how to make the most of what God is doing in your life.

In the CD teaching Fear Not!, Marilyn shows you how to fight fear, using 9 tools God has placed in your hand. These empowering tools will help you step out in faith and defeat the work of the enemy in your life.

CD/DVD Combo Pack

What's In Your Hand? CD/DVD Combo Pack

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