Satan, along with his devils and demons are real. According to John 10:10 their sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. They are working their plan feverishly because they know their time is short. The good news is that deliverance is available for those who will learn the truth about "the father of lies" and his army of evil.

In this eye-opening book, Marilyn helps you to see how Satan, fallen angels, and evil spirits have infiltrated our modern society in insidious ways, steering generations away from biblical truths and faith in the one true God. You will learn the origins of Satan, his character, and his work today.

You will also discover his doorways into people's lives - horoscopes, drugs, false religions, cults, and more. In addition, Marilyn answers the age-old question, "Can Christians be demon possessed?"

Devils, Demons, and Deliverance will teach you how to defeat the devil and live victoriously in Jesus Christ!


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