God created you in His image and endowed you with unique talents, attributes, and giftings specific to His call on your life.

In this book, Marilyn Hickey will show you how to walk in the confidence of your God-given identity by studying the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem by Nehemiah.

See how the 12 gates of Jerusalem's wall represent different areas of your identity and learn when they should be open and when they should be closed. Discover how the children of Israel shrugged off the nay-sayers to fulfill their destinies and how you can do the same thing in your life.

Rebuild: Restoring Your God-Given Identity also looks at other biblical greats (and some not-so-greats) like Joshua, Gideon, David, Samson, Abraham and Sarah, Eli, Hannah, Samuel, Elijah, Peter, Barnabas, and Mark.

God has given you the potential for a wonderfully unique and healthy identity so that you can live out His kingdom purpose for your life with boldness and confidence. Discover the principles of restoring the walls of your identity through the help of our Savior and find success by allowing Him to rebuild the broken places in your life!

Rebuild: Restoring Your God-Given Identity book

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