The enemy is hard at work sowing suffering, corruption, depravity, and despair around the world. Each day you see his handiwork touted in the headlines and infecting the lives of the people around you. And each day your desperation for God to move--and your feelings of helpless insignificance--grow.

But God has a plan, a secret weapon against the onslaught of evil: You.

Having traveled the world over as both a pastor and a global humanitarian leader, Sarah Bowling has seen evil defeated firsthand by ordinary, everyday people surrendered and submitted to Christ.

In How to Keep Your Faith in an Upside-Down World, Sarah emboldens you to do just that: transform your community through the love and power of Jesus, confronting the evil around you and igniting a revolution that echoes into eternity.

Through profound biblical truth, her own experiences, and modern and his-torical examples, Sarah equips you to:

- Overflow with courage
- Step into significance
- Live with passion and power
- Recapture hope
- Impact and inspire change around you

No one in the Kingdom is too insignificant to be used for His glory. This pres-ent darkness only has power if you stay silent. It's time to stand up, speak out, and become the revolutionary force of change that turns the tide of evil in your land.

How to Keep Your Faith In an Upside Down World Book

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